Legend of the Five Rings


Where did you come from x 2

CHARACTER CREATION: Eric and Ken join the group and make characters form themselves. Ken decides to play a Hida Crab Warrior and names him Hida Tada. Eric plays his usual Unicorn Samurai and Names him Moto Mouth and his horse Moto Bike.

PLAYERS PRESENT: Eric, Robert, Brian, Ken and Michael

STORY: Moto Mouth and Hide Tada convienently show up after the battle with the Ronin who after a short bit of talking admits that he was hired by Shosuro Takao to kill the characters after they left the Tama Inn. Kamo Tori decides that they should take him with them and turn him over to the proper authorities.

The characters traveling another two evenings and on the second night Akodo Viyeki communes with the spirits to find a good camp location with a water source. The spirit also tells him that “fire is bad”. The players decide not to have a fire that evening and working together they try to see if their prisoner left any sort of trail and work to hide their presence in the area. In doing this they find a week old ogre tracks around the water source. Although they don’t like the area they decide to stay and get some rest.

Early in the morning. Kamo Tori begins to hear rustling in the forest around them and it starts to get closer. Waking up the other characters, they set a trap for what is coming. The Ronin begins to make noise but they quickly tell him to shut up “there is an Ogre in the area” and the Ronin shuts his mouth.

As suspected, an Ogre comes out of the forest and the characters enter combat. Hida Tada gets turned invisible and Moto Mouth charges and begins trading shots with the Ogre. After several rounds the characters realize that hitting him with the same mundane weapons is not doing anything and focus magical attacks followed up with physical attacks. After several more rounds of fighting the ogre finally goes down. The characters then burn the body and quickly pack up to leave. Staying in this area did not seem like a good idea.

A full days travel finally leads them to Sujoko Mura. the first village of Naishou Province located along the mountain pass. The characters arrive in the evening and see that the village is prospering with new buildings being constructed. Finding then inn, they inquire about rooms and food as well as if their is a constable in town that they can turn over the dishonored Ronin to. They are told there is a village monk, village leader or Unicorn Trader who is directing construction of the new buildings. The characters decide to meet with the Unicorn trader in the morning.

Following breakfast the next day, they meet with the Unicorn and turn over the Ronin who shall work off his punishment with hard labor. They also learn a little more about the Naishou Province.

  • The next town they will run into is Koso Mura which is ruled by a Shiba Samurai.
  • Koso Mura and Tashi No Naishou have stopped trading with each other.
  • The Crane army is living outside of Koso Mura
  • The Scorpion army is located near Shizu Mura
  • The Unicorn are working to bolster a land trade route while the Mantis are trying to take over any river trade from the south.
  • There is still no information on why they have been summoned by Miya Ansho

After tea with the Unicorn trader they head southwest towards Koso Mura.

EXPERIENCE: 4 Points given



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